Matilda System
Better questions. Better decisions. Better outcomes.


A safeguarding toolkit
that enables you to deliver a standardised,
consistent and measurable service

Better questions. Better decisions. Better outcomes.

  • Matilda System

    The Matilda System

    A toolkit that contains, supports and guides practitioners in their direct work, Matilda is evidence based and has been developed over 10 years whilst working with practitioners from all agencies.

  • e-learning


    We do e-learning a little bit differently. We have created a real learning environment that models face-to-face training. Come and join us on Hope Street and take a journey through the lives of its residents.

"I have used many systems and training packs over the years, but the Matilda System is the best one I have seen. It’s so simple, and helped me understand and
implement what I already knew."  Parenting Lead

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